The Snappy Squirrel e-books, available on iOS, Android, and Kindle, teach kids about personal finance in a  fun, nontraditional way.

Snappy and the Nuts
Snappy Needs a Nest
Snappy Plays the Stock Market
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More books coming soon!
Snappy Loses
Snappy Buys a Bond
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Follow Snappy and his forest friends as he learns how to save the nuts he gathers to open a bank account, earn interest, buy stocks in Forest businesses, invest in mutual funds and bonds, and buy the nest he dreams of having. Kids will learn in a fun way about saving and investing, while parents are prompted to read with their children and discuss pertinent financial questions as a family. Each book includes a fun game to make the experience even more enjoyable, and a special Parents section allows parents to dig deeper into the text to further their family’s learning about personal finance.